Product Benefits

The ingredients in our products have been picked not just because they make your beard smell fantastic but because they have health related properties. Detailed below are the sort of benefits that these all natural oils can have on the body if consistently used. In the case of beard care they range from relieving itchiness, promoting hair growth and thickness, helping oily skin are among some of the benefits our oils can give. Full disclosure, no nasty chemicals, great outcome.

How to Use

When it comes to oil use if can be used for long and short beards. Good for hydration and moisturising the beard. Place some drops in your hand, depending on how much of a Norse Beard you have will dictate how much you use. Rub the oil around your hands and then put your hands through your beard. make sure to rub it deep in to the hair and get all the way down to the roots to make sure your skin is treated too. Use one of our Beard Combs or brushes for the best results. Below is an idea of how much oil to use depending on how much of a beard you have.

  • Small Beard (Norse Farmers Beard) : 1-3 Drops
  • Medium Beard (Blacksmiths Beard) : 3-5 Drops
  • Large Beard (Warriors Beard) : 5-7 Drops
  • X-Large Beard (Viking Kings Beard) : 7-9+ Drops

When it comes to nourishing your skin further or if you have a longer beard and are after some definition  we look at the balms. A great way to get nutrients right in to the beard and gain a hold and shape for your beard. Its simple to use this product. Scrape a small amount of balm out and rub in to your hands until melted. Rub this mixture through your beard and make sure you get right to the base to treat the skin too. Use our beard combs and brush for the best result. If you beard looks too greasy afterwards it means you have used a bit too much so scale it back next time.