Shower Gel - 200ml

Shower Gel - 200ml

The Shower Gel base is built around Aloe Vera, which has wonderful skin cleansing and rejuvenating properties. The formula is oxygenated and has extra nut carrier oils added to create a luxurious and creamy deep lather to cleanse the body. Finally, we have introduced a version of Menthol in to the mix. A natural additive that gives an amazing skin icing sensation. Adding a small amount of this helps to leave your skin feeling fresh and cool once you have showered. All of this is mixed with our custom blend of essential oils to leave you smelling great and feeling clean throughout the day. All placed in to a 200ml Plastic bottle with a open top dispenser to make things easy for you. Product contains traces of nuts.


Our Shower gel will cleanse your skin and leave you feeling like a Viking Warrior ready to enter Valhalla and dine at Odins table.


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