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Our blends come from hours & hours of product development. In the backrooms of The Old Norse HQ is where the magic happens. Research in to blend variants, essential oil propeties and the benefits of certain ingredients have led us to create the products we have on offer.

You can be guaranteed that all our time and effort has been put in to each of our scent ranges to make them just as affective as they are a delight to the senses.

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We are active in the bearding community. We regularly frequent markets, fares and competitions. A strong connection with our customers is something we enjoy offering as a small business. A one touch experience is what we offer at The Old Norse. Being the accountant, receptionist, social media guru, delivery man and chief coffee maker means you will only ever be dealing with one person through your journey to become a Norseman. 


Most recently we visited Blackpool for the British Beard & Moustache Competition. We put a lot of names to faces for our regular customers and made a good load more friends to come on our Viking Raiding parties.

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Let the power of our 100% natural Beard Oils and Balms and Beard care products make light work of your beard. Our aim is to give you a smooth, soft and goes without saying great smelling beard. Our products will Reduce itching and beard dandruff whilst promoting growth and softening your beard hair. everything the beard wearer of today wants. Our beard balm and beard oil will smooth, reduce itching and soften your facial hair. total beard care for the modern man

Our products are 100% natural, no harmful chemicals what so ever.  With this you know what you will be getting a top quality product that will give you great results.

So let our 100% natural beard Oils and Balms Smooth, Soften, Strength, Reduce itching, Reduce dandruff, promote growth and leave you will a great smelling beard.